An afternoon of ‘fabulousness’ including:

  • Confidence Boosting Seminar
  • Strutology Dance Class
  • Goodie Bags

Saturday 12th May @ 3-6pm

Hazelwood Nursery (The Larks)

19 Blue House Lane, Oxted, RH8 0AA

confidence boosting seminar

Emily has a degree and Masters in psychology, is open and honest about her own experiences and is passionate about empowering us to know our beauty. Emily is currently writing a book based on this and would like to boost you!

Strutology DANCE CLASS

Strutology® is a super sassy dance class which harnesses the power of the strut, teaches you to walk tall and feel “strutterly fabulous” regardless of shape or size.

The moves are simple and easy-to-pick-up but “strutterly fabulous”! A dance routine is taught in trainers then the heels go on (totally optional but advised), there’s some strut practice and the all important Strut-Off where the last of the inhibitions is flung to the side. Then the routine is danced wearing your heels.

A word of warning: as Christian Louboutin says “If you can’t walk in them, don’t wear them!” – err on the side of caution when choosing which heels to wear. This is one situation where it is not advised to aim high. Full coverage over the foot is better than strappy sandals. Also avoid wedges and shoes with too much platform.